On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about stairlift batteries. This includes how long they last, how much they cost, and much more.

With that being said, let’s jump into the information on stairlift batteries.

Do Stairlifts Use Batteries?

Yes! Although most people assume they don’t, stairlifts use batteries. However, they are much more powerful than the usual batteries you probably use for your TV controls. And, they automatically recharge when sitting at their charging points, so you will rarely need to change them.

For some brands, the charging process may be a little more complicated —  but this is rarely the case.

You must let them charge correctly as this is the main factor in battery life.

Where can you buy stairlift batteries?

For the standard brands like Acorn, Brooks, or Stannah, you can usually purchase them online. You can find them either from the brand directly or by going to major retailers like Amazon or eBay. However, we can also assist you if needed; contact us.

How much do stairlift batteries cost?

The cost of the stairlift batteries is highly dependant on the model and brand that you have. However, in general, these can range anywhere from £15 to £60.

We’d estimate that the average is somewhere around £30-£40, as this is a common range that we see. Most brands also have a 12-month warranty on their batteries, meaning you shouldn’t need to replace them too often.

Some brands offer different warranties as well, so make sure to always double-check before purchasing.

What Happens If Your Batteries Run Out or Are Low?

If your batteries run out completely, the stairlift won’t work. However, you should never get to this point because when they are low, you should realize as your stairlift will be slower.


When this happens, you must replace the batteries.


Stairlift batteries: How long do they last?

Most Stairlift batteries last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. The main factor when it comes to how long they last is how they are treated. If the stairlift is treated badly or not let on its charge point enough, the battery will degrade, and you’ll have to replace the battery early.

Tips for your stairlift & its batteries

We also wanted to share some of our tips for taking care of a stairlift and its batteries:

  • Always have a mobile phone close in case you have problems with your stairlift
  • Save our number in case you have any trouble with your stairlift
  • Make sure you put the stairlift in the correct position when leaving it on standby so that it can charge.

Also, make sure always to purchase batteries that suit your stairlift. While this may sound obvious, it’s easy to forget that not all stairlifts are the same.

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